Dance Host


Le Pari Dance Center offers a New Program "Private Dance Hosting": 

1) you hire a Le Pari dance instructor for one hour, per person

2) you don't need to pay for your Dance Host admission at the social (Sunday 2.30-5pm only). You only pay your own admission.

3) you pre-pay $85 and schedule your "Dance host hour" one week in advance.

4) you come, dance and have fun!

That's easy!!!!

Available dance hosts:

  • E J 

  • Nadiya

  • Thomasz

  • Jamie

  • Arlene

Le Pari Dance Fitness Center is located at 34 South Ave. in Fanwood. Dance center is open for community of Fanwood and nearby area residents to explore the beautiful art of ballroom dancing


34 South Ave., Fanwood, NJ 07023
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