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Greetings dancers, dance enthusiasts, and lovers of all things dance! Welcome to the Le Pari Dance Center’s official dance blog. Whether you are entirely new to dancing or a seasoned professional, this blog is for you. The topics which we will cover are centered around social dance- these will range from leading and following, to floor craft (essentially, learning how to dance safely and enjoyably in different venues), to style and technique. Although we may refer to specific dances in some blog posts, most of the pointers in here can be applied to any style of dance!

Have you ever wondered how to be a genuinely great leader or follower?

Have you just been given a bunch of new styling moves to try on Saturday night, but wondered how to use them in a safe and effective way (so that you can beautifully express yourself but STILL stay connected to your partner)?

What about figuring out what to WEAR??

We got you. We will cover all the above topics and more. Stay tuned, as we frequently add new blog posts. Also, please feel free to submit requests for specific topics/questions! We love to receive ideas and suggestions directly from students- after all, this blog is for YOU.

In the meantime… keep on practicing and we cannot wait to see you all!


Jamie Haas Powell is a dance and fitness instructor who currently resides in Northern NJ. She has had a love of writing for as long as she can remember! She particularly enjoys writing about dance, wellness (physical, mental, emotional), and any funny moments or random insights she has during her day-to-day life. You can find some of her writings on Tiny Buddha, Elephant Journal, and Purpose Fairy, in addition to on her blog, When she is not dancing or writing, you will find her behind her camera, playing guitar/ukulele, gardening, or doing just about anything outdoors!

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