Saturday Dance 


Le Pari Dance Center practice dance socials provide an ideal setting for perfecting your freshly learned moves, meeting new people, and simply having fun!


Our practice dance socials are open to everyone. Bring your own partner as there is no rotation or switching partners. These practice dance socials provide a wonderful opportunity to implement everything learned during the private dance lessons and group dance classes. The environment is comfortable, welcoming, and perfect for developing your dance skills. Le Pari Dance Center staff ensures that each guest is fully engaged in the atmosphere and walks away filled with memories of a wonderful time!



10 & 24


8 &15 & 29



12 & 26 


Dates: March 27, April 10 & 24, May 8 & 15 & 29, June 12 & 26

We have Dance Socials on Saturday every month. Please check our calendar or subsrcribe to our newsletter or Facebook page to receive the dates when our Dance Socials occur. 


  1. Pre-register (please specify your dance partner name in "Add to your Message" section). This event by appointment only with limited number of people allowed. If you didn't receive the confirmation of your booking, it means we didn't receive your names for Registration. Please contact us if you made a payment but didn't receive the confirmation of your payment.

  2. Submit Release form BEFORE coming (from both partners required)

Without the confirmation and Release form from both partners, we have a right to deny your entrance to our facility (registered only allowed, limited capacity) Please note that the Saturday Dance social admission fee is not refundable. If you cannot make it, please get in touch with us 24 hours before the event date to receive the credit towards our next event.

COVID requirements to follow: to wear mask at all the times, no switching of dance partners, pre-registration to come, fill out Covid form prior to entering of the studio.

Our Saturday Dance Social include complimentary 30 min. lesson.


7-7.30pm -Lesson by one of Le Pari high level instructors

7.30-10.30 pm -Dancing

Cost is $20 per person

  • 7-10.30pm, Saturday. Name your dance partner in "Add to your message"


    20 US dollars
  • Includes Student admission, Host admission & hosting fee for 2 hours.


    190 US dollars

Le Pari Dance Fitness Center is located at 34 South Ave. in Fanwood. Dance center is open for community of Fanwood and nearby area residents to explore the beautiful art of ballroom dancing


34 South Ave., Fanwood, NJ 07023
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