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Students Showcase. Pros and Cons. Why to do it?

Dance is always going to be a creative outlet. But rather than just learning steps, what if you could tell a story with those steps, become a different character, and perform your story with a professional dancer? That’s a showcase in a nutshell. Showcasing your dancing gives you a chance to highlight a part of you that maybe not many people have seen before — it is a non-verbal, unusual, and beautiful form of self-expression. It’s also just plain fun!

Not a fan of the limelight? You don’t have to be a showboat to have fun creating your showcase and feel comfortable performing it. Showcases are for couples to have fun together, a person to connect further with their body and their dancing, or build confidence in themselves to feel comfortable on the dance floor — or in any social situation for that matter.

Performance always brings up confidence and skill level more than simply practicing every day. The preparation, the decisions to make about music, about costumes, about how you want to feel while dancing, is a singular and personal experience that boosts your focus, skill, and confidence without you realizing it throughout the process. Owning something and making it your own makes attention to detail a pleasurable priority.

Imagine taking your favorite song and moving to it in a way that allows you to express how it makes you feel. You can be serious, playful, or some combination in between. Just like walking through the doors to take lessons for the first time, everyone has something different to gain from a showcase.

Written By Jindalae Suh

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