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5 Exercises You Can Do At Home To Be A Better Dancer

Exercising has a thousand and one benefits, one of which includes helping you dance better. Most forms of dance typically require different types of physical abilities, some of which include strength, endurance, balance and flexibility. Incorporating certain types of exercise into your daily or weekly routine will help you build or improve on these physical abilities. Here are some exercises you can start trying out at home to help you dance better. Exercise #1 Cardio Running and jogging promotes endurance and strength and will help you develop your cardio, so don't hesitate to start using them today. Not only do they help improve these qualities but they will also help you feel lighter in the dance studio and help you dance with ease. Exercise #2 Stretches Want to improve your flexibility? Start stretching. Stretch everyday for about 30 minutes with each stretch lasting about a minute to 90 seconds. Stretching will help your muscle groups expand, will make you unbelievably flexible, will improve your endurance and will inadvertently make you dance better. As you start stretching, your jumps, landings, steps and strides will all look smoother and better. You would notice that you are able to twist and contort your body like never before. You would also be less prone to injuries and would experience less body pains following dance lessons. If you want to spread out your stretches, you can stretch 2-3 times a day everyday with about 2-4 hours intervals between each stretch. Exercise #3 Push Ups Not only do push ups make you look ripped, they will also help you dance better. Push ups help strengthen your chest, arms and back and will help you with an improved posture. It will also strengthen your core and help you balance better in and out of dance classes. Exercise #4 Squats and lunges Squats and lunges help strengthen your thighs, legs and butt. They help improve flexibility, strength and balance and will help a dancer jump higher and perfect his/her landing. They promote mobility and balance and will help you dance with ease. Exercise #5 Sit ups and crunches Sit ups and crunches will help strengthen your hips, arms, abs and your entire body. Your jumps will look smoother and stronger and your landings will be flawless. These exercises will help strengthen your core and makes it easier to balance. There you have them, five (5) exercises you can try out at home that will make you dance better. In addition to these, you can ask your teacher for exercises you can do to help strengthen any weak group of muscles he/she may have noticed you have during dance lessons. Remember, exercise is good for your body so start using it regardless of your age.

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